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Latest World Geography MCQs Section 3: You Need to Know

World Geography MCQs Section 3

The answers of questions marked with * are subject to change with time


  • Horseshoe Bay is in:

A. Sweden
C. Venezuela
D. Mexico

Social Security Officer LHRD-18

  • Trunk Bay Beach is situated at:

A. Bermuda
B. Bali
C. US Virgin Islands
D. Bony

Asst Punjab Employees Social Security LHRD-19

  • Which of the following is NOT an island in the Mediterranean Sea?

A. Ibiza
B. Phuket (Island in Thailand)
C. Crete
D. Sicily

Asst Punjab Planning Dept-19

  • Maya Bay Beach is a beach of:

A. Japan
B. Malaysia
C. Thailand
D. Taiwan

Transport SI TDB-19

  • Where is Tundra (the coldest biome)?

A. South of Australia
B. Area of land in the north of Asia, America, Europe
C. Red of South Chinese Sea
D. All of above

Tax Inspector-08

  • Areas where there is deficiency of rainfall are called:

A. Humid areas
B. Arid areas
C. Tropical areas
D. Delta

Junior Clerk PRD-17

  • Equator passes through?

A. Pakistan
B. Canada
C. Kenya
D. Spain

Tax Inspector-08

The equator passes through 13 countries: (1) Ecuador (2) Colombia (3) Brazil (4) Sao Tome & Principe (5) Gabon (6) Republic of the Congo (7) Democratic Republic of the Congo (8) Uganda (9) Kenya (10) Somalia (11) Maldives (12) Indonesia (13) Kiribati.

  • Which of the following country is situated on Equator?

A. Maldives
B. Gabon
C. Indonesia
D. All of above

DEO PPD-20/Manager Auqaf-20

  • Which of the following country is located on the equator?

A. Kiribati
B. Gabon
C. Congo
D. All of above

Gender Monitoring Specialist WDD-18 (Contract Basis)

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