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Who was the first and the last Important Past Papers Solved Mcqs

Who was First and Last MCQs Section 1

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Last Updated: 04 Jul 2021


  • Which of the following elements comes first in the Periodic Table?

A. Oxygen
B. Hydrogen
C. Helium
D. Zinc

AD Labour Welfare-19

  • Which one of the following scientists is credited with the successful production of the first cloned sheep ‘Dolly’?

A. Dr. Don Wolf
B. Dr. H. G. Khurana
C. Sir Ian Wilmut
D. Dr. Dolly

Tax Inspector-11

  • Name the 1st man to sail around the world; he discovered the Magellan Strait (in Chile), reached the Philippines and named the Pacific:

A. William Dampier
B. Lord Anson
C. Ferdinand Magellan (Portugese)
D. Milton Friedman

Zilladar-04/Tax Inspector-11/Asst S&GAD-14

  • In human, which body part develops first?

A. Brain
B. Lungs
C. Heart
D. Kidneys

AD Labour Welfare-19

  • First ever artificial Earth Satellite Sputnik 1, was launched by Soviet Union, in October 1957. Indicate the date?

A. 2 Oct
B. 4 Oct
C. 6 Oct
D. 8 Oct

PMS (P) GK-12/Asst S&GAD-15

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