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Water Bodies Rivers Lakes Important Past Papers Solved Mcqs 3

Rivers MCQs Section 3

The answers of questions marked with * are subject to change with time


  • The Red Sea is an inlet of the Indian Ocean between:

A. North America and Africa
B. Africa and Europe
C. Africa and Asia
D. Asia and Europe

Caretaker PPSC-19/PMS (P) Ministerial Quota GK-19

  • Gota Canal is situated in:

A. Italy
B. France
C. Sweden
D. Germany

Asst Pop Welfare-18

  • ‘Volga-Don’ Canal (that connects Volga River and the Don River) is located in:

A. Sweden
B. France
C. Russia
D. Canada

AD Forensic Science-18

  • Volga (the longest river of Europe) is the main river of:

A. Brazil
B. Russia (drains into Caspian Sea)
C. France
D. China

Punjab Treasury Deputy Acct-19 (M)

  • Volga River originates from:

A. Ural Mountains
B. Mont Blanc
C. Valdai Hills
D. Taurus Mountains

Manager Auqaf-21

  • Diamer Bhasha Dam is being constructed in:

A. Balochistan
C. Azad Jammu & Kashmir
D. Gilgit Baltistan

Tax Inspector-08

It is a concrete-filled gravity dam, on River Indus.
Construction began: 18 October 2011
Generation capacity: 4,500 (12×375) MW
Total storage capacity: 10,000,000,000 m(1m3 = 0.0008107acre-ft)

  • The Diamer-Bhasha Dam is in the preliminary stages of construction. It is on the:

A. River Kabul
B. River Jhelum
C. River Indus
D. River Ravi

Asst Punjab Planning Dept-19/Asst Livestock Regular Basis-20/Asst Punjab Police-20

  • Diamer-Bhasha Dam will produce _____electricity after completion?

A. 4200 MW
B. 4500 MW
C. 4800 MW
D. 6000 MW

Asst S&GAD-15

  • Mohmand Dam (previously known as Munda Dam), in Mohmand District, KPK is being constructed on River

A. Indus
B. Chenab
C. Swat
D. Kabul

♦ Credit To: Daniyal Akram

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