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Latest Synonyms and Antonyms MCQs: You Need to Know

Synonyms and Antonyms MCQs Section 1

The answers of questions marked with * are subject to change with time

Last Updated: 06 Feb 2022


  • What is synonym of Retaliation (meaning: counter-attack)?

A. Angry
B. Advance
C. Revenge
D. Dried

Asst Special Education Dept-20

  • What is synonym of Siege (meaning: military blockade of a city)?

A. Raising
B. Relief
C. Blockade
D. Pleasant

♦ Credit To: Hasan Khan ♦

  • What is the synonym of Formidable?

A. Real Name
B. Stale
C. Tough
D. Collect

♦ Credit To: Tahir Naeem ♦

  • What is the synonym of Obsequious (meaning: obedient to an excessive degree)?

A. Neutral
B. Servile
C. Simple
D. Excited

Asst PLRA-20

  • Synonym of Susceptible (meaning: likely to be harmed) is:

A. Resistance
B. Vulnerable
C. Dark
D. Noble

Asst PLRA-20

  • Choose the synonym of Realm (meaning: a kingdom).

A. Defense
B. Warfare
C. Empire
D. Relations

Asst CM’s Office POPC-16

  • The synonym of Ruins (meaning: state of being destroyed) is:

A. Wildernesses
B. Paces
C. Disintegration
D. Excretions

♦ Credit To: Yawar Riaz ♦

  • Synonym of Apparel is:

A. Rough
B. Skewed
C. Cloth
D. Wise


  • Choose the correct synonym of Tacit (meaning: understood without being stated).

A. Manifest
B. Implicit
C. Evident
D. Unequivocal

Junior Clerk LHC-18

  • Feral means:

A. Well-planned
B. Overweight
C. Wild
D. Handsome

Asst S&GAD-20

  • Promptly means:

A. Easily
B. At once
C. Fully
D. Efficiently

Junior Clerk LHC-18

  • Devoid means:

A. Correlating
B. Lacking
C. Including
D. Comprising

Transport SI TDB-19

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