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Pakistan Studies Pre Independence Important Past Papers Solved Mcqs 3

Pakistan Studies Pre Independence MCQs Section 3

The answers of questions marked with * are subject to change with time


  • The youngest son of Maharaja Ranjit Singh was elevated at Maharaja in 1843 at a tender age of about 5 years. What was his name?

A. Nau Nahal Singh
B. Kharrak Singh
C. Sir Duleep Singh (mother name Maharani Jind Kaur)
D. Langan Singh

PMS (P) GK-15

  • Who was the last Maharaja of Sikh Empire?

A. Kharak Singh
B. Nau Nihal Singh
C. Sher Singh
D. Sir Duleep Singh (15 Sep 1843 – 29 Mar 1849)

AD Labour Welfare-19/Asst Protocol Officer DGP S&GAD-19

  • The First Sikh War (1845-46) was fought between Sikhs and:

A. Muslims
B. French
C. British East India Company
D. Dutch

Asst S&GAD-18

  • The peace treaty, that marked the end of First Anglo-Sikh War (1845-46) was:

A. Treaty of Amritsar
B. Treaty of Lahore (on 09 Mar 1846)
C. Instrument of accession
D. Treaty of Kashmir

♦ Credit To: Ali Farhan ♦

  • The British sold the Kashmir to Gulab Singh Dogra under the treaty of?

A. Treaty of Lahore
B. Treaty of Amritsar (on 16 Mar 1846)
C. Instrument of accession
D. Treaty of Kashmir

PMS (P) GK-20/Asst PLRA-20

  • In 1846, the British sold Kashmir to Maharaja Gulab Singh Dogra for an amount of approximately:

A. 70 million Rupees
B. 7.5 million Rupees
C. 17 million Rupees
D. 20 million Rupees

Asst Protocol Officer DGP S&GAD-19

  • Sir Syed Ahmad Khan became Chief Judge in:

A. 1845
B. 1846*
C. 1848
D. 1849

♦ Credit To: Yawar Riaz ♦

  • When Punjab province was invaded by East India Company?

A. 1841
B. 1845
C. 1849
D. 1858

Asst PPSC-18

  • After the conquest of Punjab (in 1849), the Britishers constituted a three member board of administration for governing Punjab. Indicate who was NOT the member among the following:

A. Sir Henry Montgomery Lawrence
B. John Lawrence
C. Charles Grenville Mansel
D. Robert Montgomery

PMS (P) GK-12

  • Indian Railways started operation in:

A. 1847
B. 1849
C. 1853
D. 1861

PMS (P) GK-12+19

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