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Odd Man Out Important Past Papers Solved Mcqs

Odd Man Out MCQs

The answers of questions marked with * are subject to change with time

Last Updated: 25 Jul 2021


  • Which is odd one out, ‘Wall, Beam, Pillar, House’.

A. Wall
B. Beam
C. House
D. Pillar

Asst PAD-18

All the rest are part of the house.

  • Find the odd one out from the following:

A. Lyon
B. London
C. Sevilla
D. Belfast

Asst & Head Clerk Local Govt-20 (CB)

Lyon, Sevilla and Belfast are Football clubs, where as London is not.

  • Which one of the following is least like the others?

A. Bottle
B. Funnel
C. Cup
D. Tub

Junior Clerk LHC-17

The others hold liquids; liquids pass through a funnel.

  • Find the odd man out.

A. Coaxial Cable
B. Microwaves
C. Optical fiber
D. Twisted pair wire

Asst AH-18

Among all the options, all are wires/cables except for Microwaves which are electromagnetic radiations.

  • Choose the odd one out: Carrot, Radish, Potato, Sweet Potato, Beetroot.

A. Carrot
B. Potato
C. Beetroot
D. Radish

♦ Credit To: Yawar Riaz ♦

Potato is a stem whereas the rest of the four items are forms of root.

  • Select the odd one out: Carrot, Cucumber, Onion, Beetroot, Ginger.

A. Onion
B. Carrot
C. Cucumber
D. Beetroot

Asst ATC-18

All except Cucumber grow underground.

  • Which of the following is the odd one out?

C. Hard Disk
D. Cache

PMS (P) GK-15

Hard disk is a secondary storage device, other are primary storage devices.

  • Which among the following is the odd one out?

B. Floppy Disk
C. BIOS (Basic Input/Output System)
D. SD Card

Junior Clerk PRD-17

All except BIOS are used for storage purpose.


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