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Mountains Ranges Important Past Papers Solved Mcqs

Mountain Ranges MCQs

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Last Updated: 14 Feb 2022



  • _____ is an elevated portion of the land with some summit area.

A. Glacier
B. Mountain
C. Mound
D. River

Manager Auqaf-20

  • What is the similarity between plateau and mountain?

A. Both have steep slopes
B. Both are elevated landforms
C. Both have cone-shaped peaks
D. Both (b) and (c)

Asst Livestock-20

  • Which is the largest and highest plateau in the world?

A. Colorado plateau
B. Tibetan plateau
C. Deccan plateau
D. Bogota plateau

♦ Credit To: Hamid Saeed

  • Deccan plateau is located in:

A. Bhutan
B. Bangladesh
C. India
D. China

Asst PAD-18/Labour Inspector-20/PSO POPC S&GAD-20 (CB)

  • The longest mountain range in the world Andes is in:

A. North America
B. South America
C. Asia
D. Europe

Junior Clerk Punjab Police-18/PMS (P) Ministerial Quota GK-19/Junior Clerk PWWB LHRD-19

The world’s longest above-water mountain range is the Andes, about 7,000 km (4,300 mi) long. The range stretches from north to south through 7 countries in South America, along the west coast of the continent: VenezuelaColombiaEcuadorPeruBoliviaChile, and Argentina.

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