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List of International Boundary Lines Important Past Papers Solved Mcqs

List of Important International Boundary Lines

Last Updated: 07 Aug 2023

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17th ParallelBetween North & South Vietnam (before the two reunited in 1976)
20th Parallel NorthBetween Libya & Sudan
22nd Parallel NorthBetween Egypt & Sudan
24th ParallelBetween India & Pakistan in the area of Rann of Kutch (Claimed by Pakistan, not recognized by India)
38th ParallelBetween North & South Korea
49th ParallelBetween USA & Canada
Durand LineBetween Pakistan & Afghanistan by Sir Mortimer Durand in 1893
Radcliffe LineBetween India & Pakistan by Sir Cyril Radcliffe in 1947
LoC (Line of Control)Between Pakistani & Indian controlled Jammu & Kashmir
Line of Actual ControlBetween Chinese-administrated Aksai Chin and Indian controlled Jammu & Kashmir
List of International Boundary Lines

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