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Countries and Capitals MCQs

The answers of questions marked with * are subject to change with time


  • What was the capital of West Germany?

A. Luanda
B. Tirana
C. Bonn (from 1949 to 1990)
D. Buenos Aires

Divisional Coach YASATD-19

  • Japan old capital name was:

A. Nipon
B. Kyoto
C. Nihon
D. Kanji

Asst PPSC-19/Asst & Head Clerk Local Govt-20 (CB)

  • Which one is the capital city of Nepal?

A. Paten
B. Kathmandu
C. Pokhara
D. Daran

Punjab Treasury Deputy Acct-19 (N)

  • What is the capital of Jamaica?

A. Brussels
B. Kingston
C. Lisbon
D. Havana

PMS (P) Ministerial Quota GK-19

  • What is the currency of Jamaica?*

A. Pound
B. Peso
C. Dollar
D. Franc

Asst S&GAD-15

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