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Islamic Studies Important Past Papers Solved Mcqs 5

Islamiyat MCQs Section 5

The answers of questions marked with * are subject to change with time


  • Name the first Muslim who recited the Quran loudly:

A. Hazrat Abu Bakr (رضی اللہ تعالیٰ عنه)
B. Hazrat Abdullah bin Masood (رضی اللہ تعالیٰ عنه)
C. Hazrat Zaid bin Haris (رضی اللہ تعالیٰ عنه)
D. Hazrat Bilal bin Rubbah (رضی اللہ تعالیٰ عنه)

Zilladar-04+20 (Research)

  • Hazrat Bilal ibn Rabah (رضی اللہ تعالیٰ عنه) was a slave and his master was:

A. Umayyah ibn Jahim
B. Umayyah ibn Khalaf
C. Umayyah ibn Jahash
D. Umayyah ibn Thaqif

Asst & Head Clerk Local Govt-20 (CB)

  • Which night’s Ibadat, during the month of Ramadan, is considered better than Ibadat of thousand months.

A. Shab-e-Barat
B. Lailat-ul-Qadr
C. Shab-e-Miraj
D. Lailat-ul-Jaiza

Tax Inspector-16

  • About which act, the Muslims shall be asked first of all on the Day of Judgement?

A. Fasting
B. Salat
C. Hajj
D. Zakat

Asst S&GAD-18/Asst ANF-20

  • Name the prophet who was contemporary of Hazrat Ibrahim (عليه السلام).

A. Hazrat Hood (عليه السلام)
B. Hazrat Loot (عليه السلام)
C. Hazrat Idrees (عليه السلام)
D. Hazrat Ishaq (عليه السلام)

Inspector Anti-Corruption-20

  • Which Prophet’s nation was destroyed by a rain of clay stones?

A. Hazrat Noah (عليه السلام)
B. Hazrat Loot (عليه السلام)
C. Hazrat Yaqoob (عليه السلام)
D. Hazrat Adam (عليه السلام)

Asst S&GAD-18/Asst Punjab Employees Social Security LHRD-19 (2)

  • What was the evil practised by the people of Sodom and Gomorrah?

A. Indulged in corruption
B. Indulged in bribery
C. Indulged in homosexuality
D. Indulged in opium eating

Land Record Officer PBR-16

  • Hazrat Saleh (عليه السلام) belonged to the tribe of:

A. Sodom
B. Samud
C. Aad
D. Bani Israel

Asst Special Education Dept-20

  • Which angel is appointed for providing food?

A. Hazrat Izrail (عليه السلام)
B. Hazrat Israfeel (عليه السلام)
C. Hazrat Meekail (عليه السلام)
D. Hazrat Gabriel (عليه السلام)

Asst S&GAD-18/Asst Punjab Workers Welfare Board LHRD-19/Asst Livestock Regular Basis-20/DEO Punjab Police-20

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