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International Organizations Important Past Papers Solved Mcqs 5

International Organizations MCQs Section 5

The answers of questions marked with * are subject to change with time


  • Economic Cooperation Organization (ECO) Secretariat is in?*

A. Pakistan
B. Turkey
C. Tehran, Iran
D. Turkmenistan

AD Local Govt-15/Tax Inspector-18 (Lhr)

  • Economic Cooperation Organization (ECO) is a successor organization of Regional Cooperation for Development (RCD) which was founded in:

A. 1963
B. 1964
C. 1965
D. 1966

AD Pop Welfare-17/Caretaker PPSC-19

  • Izmir Treaty was signed in:

A. 1991
B. 1977
C. 1992
D. 1993


It was signed at Izmir, Turkey by Iran, Pakistan and Turkey as the legal framework for the RCD and later modified at Islamabad in 1990 to provide legal basis to ECO’s transition from RCD.

  • Which is NOT a permanent member of Economic Cooperation Organization (ECO)?

A. Pakistan
B. Ukraine
C. Afghanistan
D. Turkey

AD Pop Welfare-17

  • The 1st Summit Meeting of the Economic Cooperation Organization (ECO) was held in Feb 1992 in _____.

A. Turkey
B. Tehran, Iran
C. Pakistan
D. Uzbekistan

AD Pop Welfare-17

  • How many Pakistanis have served as the Secretary-General of the Economic Cooperation Organization (ECO)?

A. 1
B. 2
C. 3
D. 4

AD Pop Welfare-17

1. Mr. Shamshad Ahmad (1992 – 1996)
2. Mr. Khurshid Anwar (2006 – 2009)

  • The Islamic Military Counter Terrorism Coalition (IMCTC) is an intergovernmental counter terrorist alliance of Muslim countries. Its headquarters is located in:

A. Afghanistan
B. Iran
C. Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
D. Pakistan


  • Islamic Military Counter Terrorism Coalition (IMCTC) was formed in:

A. 2014
B. 2015
C. 2016
D. 2017


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