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Last Updated: 02 Mar 2022


  • Which is the world’s first Human Rights Charter?

A. French Revolution
B. The Cyrus Cylinder*
C. Magna Carta
D. Universal Declaration of Human Rights

Naib Tehsildar Paper II-20 (Lhr)

  • Third world countries means:

A. Developed nations
B. Developing nations
C. Under developed nations
D. Least developed nations

Naib Tehsildar Paper II-20 (Lhr)

  • Containment of China is a part of foreign policy of which country?

A. Russia
B. India
D. Canada

Naib Tehsildar Paper II-20 (Lhr)

  • Which one of the following would NOT be a part of biometrics?

A. Facial
B. Fingerprint
C. Password
D. Iris

Transport SI TDB-19

  • Blockchain technology is used in:

A. Ponzi
B. Cryptocurrencies*
C. Banks
D. Hospitals

Asst Special Education Dept-20

  • What was the slogan of French Revolution?

A. Liberty, Equanimity, Fraternity
B. Liberty, Equality, Fraternity
C. Liberation, Equation, Fraternity
D. Lassitude, Equality, Fraternity

Asst ATC-18

  • The famous ‘Tennis Court Oath’ is associated with:

A. American War of Independence
B. French Revolution
C. Emperor Czar Alexander
D. Russian Revolution

Inspector YASATD-18 (CB)

  • The slogan ‘No taxation without representation’ was first raised in:

A. France
C. Italy
D. Germany


  • Railway, Vehicles and Aeroplanes are called:

A. Means of communication
B. Means of transport
C. Means of trade
D. Means of Industrial development

Acct Local Govt-20

  • Recently (in 2018) which country introduced free public transport?

A. Sweden
B. Norway
C. Luxembourg
D. Switzerland

Junior Clerk PWWB LHRD-19

Luxembourg became the first country to offer free public transport.

  • Which country has no railway track?

A. Bangladesh
B. Sri Lanka
C. Iceland
D. Nepal

Divisional Coach YASATD-19

Other countries being: (1) Andorra (2) Bhutan (3) Cyprus (4) Timor-Leste (5) Guinea-Bissau (6) Kuwait (7) Libya.

  • Which kind of Tax is Federal subject?

A. Excise Tax
B. Property Tax
C. General Sales Tax
D. Zakat & Ushar

AD Pop Welfare-19

  • What term describes a background that appears as a grainy, non smooth surface?

A. Pattern
B. Gradient
C. Texture
D. Velvet

Asst Anti-Corruption-20

  • Literacy rate in Christian world is 100% compared to that literacy rate in Muslim world is:*

A. 50%
B. 40%
C. 60%
D. 70%

Asst Protocol Officer DGP S&GAD-19/PMS (P) GK-19

  • The political term ‘Shadow cabinet’ stands for:

A. A cabinet of ministers specialized in their fields
B. A group of specialized critics in the official opposition party
C. A cabinet of unelected technocrats
D. A group of ministers who are very close to Prime Minister

SI PPD-17/PMS (P) GK-20

  • The lengthiest written constitution of the world is:

A. British Constitution
B. Indian Constitution
C. Chinese Constitution
D. French Constitution

PMS (P) GK-20

  • Which one of the following countries does not possess a written constitution?

A. Afghanistan
B. Japan
C. United Kingdom
D. Australia

Naib Tehsildar Paper II-20 (Lhr)

The other countries are Canada, Saudi Arabia, New Zealand and Israel.

  • A place where leather is tanned is called a:

A. Casino
B. Tannery
C. Brewery
D. Workshop

ASI PPD-17 (Service Quota)/Asst Punjab Planning Dept-19

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