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Latest English MCQs: You Need to Know

English MCQs

The answers of questions marked with * are subject to change with time

Last Updated: 14 Oct 2023


  • The number of letters in the English language are:

A. 27
B. 37
C. 26
D. 38

♦ Credit To: Isma Sajjad ♦

  • ‘A thing of beauty is a joy forever’ is a famous phrase by?

A. William Wordsworth
B. John Keats (in his poem ‘Endymion’ in 1818)
C. William Shakespeare
D. Charles Dickens

Junior Clerk PPD-17/Labour Inspector-19/Asst Livestock-20

  • Who among the following is known as Poet of Beauty?

A. William Wordsworth
B. John Keats
C. Rudyard Kipling
D. P. B. Shelley

PMS (P) GK-19

  • The English poet who died in his young age was:

A. Mary Shelley
B. John Marshall
C. John Keats
D. William Black

Asst LHC-19

  • Complete the sentence: Justice delayed is justice _____.

A. Delayed
B. Denied
C. Deprived
D. Deferred

Land Record Officer PBR-16/Junior Clerk PPD-17+18

  • Enemy of my enemy is my _____.

A. Enemy
B. Friend
C. Brother
D. Rival

Asst Livestock-20

  • The horseman pulled the _____ of the horse.

A. Reigns
B. Rains
C. Reins
D. Ranes

AD Local Govt-18/Asst Punjab Employees Social Security LHRD-19

  • I _____ upon his privacy.

A. Approached
B. Intruded
C. Violated
D. Counted

Asst Punjab Planning Dept-19

  • The police sprayed tear gas _____ on the protesters.

A. Indirectly
B. Intensively
C. Indiscriminately
D. Indifferently

Inspector YASATD-18 (CB)

  • Choose the correct option: The _____ party was boring, but impulsive Sarah did her best to liven it up with her trademark _____.

A. Fascinating, recklessness
B. Mundane, spontaneity*
C. Monotonous, solitude
D. Intriguing, talk

Asst AH-18

  • They have put speed bumps on the road to _____ accidents.

A. Promote
B. Prohibit
C. Prevent
D. Forbid

Land Record Officer PBR-16

  • The lecture _____ yesterday was really impressive.

A. Gave
B. Spoken
C. Delivered
D. Made

Naib Tehsildar-09

  • The Sun _____ from behind the clouds.

A. Immerged
B. Emerged
C. Immerse
D. Amerse

Punjab Treasury Deputy Acct-19 (N)

  • Find the correctly punctuated sentence from following sentences.

A. Alas, his father has died.
B. Alas! His father has died.*
C. Alas his father has died.
D. Alas; His father has died.

Land Record Officer PBR-16

  • Choose the statement with best punctuation: I can’t live in the house it is damp.

A. I can’t live in the house; it is damp.
B. I can’t live in the house, it is damp.*
C. I can’t live in the house: it is damp.
D. I can’t live in the house! it is damp.

Junior Clerk LHC-18

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