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Latest English Grammar MCQs: You Need to Know

English Grammar MCQs

The answers of questions marked with * are subject to change with time

Last Updated: 07 Jun 2023


  • The present participle ends in _____.

A. ed
B. ing
C. Both A & B
D. None of above

Transport SI TDB-19

  • ‘They are playing cricket’. The sentence belongs to which tense?

A. Present Indefinite
B. Present Participle
C. Past Perfect
D. Present Perfect

Asst Special Education Dept-20

  • Every statement must have a subject and a _____.

A. Noun
B. Verb
C. Predicate
D. Phrase

Lecturer (Biology) PHED-20

  • What is the function of an adjective when it describes a noun that is part of the predicate?

A. Subject complement
B. Object complement
C. Predicate adjective*
D. Attribute adjective

Asst Punjab Planning Dept-19

  • Compound nouns are made up of _____ words.

A. Two
B. Two or more
C. Many
D. One or two

Asst Punjab Workers Welfare Board LHRD-19

  • ‘Stalemate’ is:

A. Verb
B. Noun
C. Both
D. None of above

Labour Officer-16

  • Reflection is a/an:

A. Adverb
B. Noun
C. Pronoun
D. Adjective


  • Identify the underlined parts of speech: He also likes to eat strawberries.

A. Noun
B. Adverb
C. Verb*
D. Adjective

Punjab Treasury Deputy Acct-19 (M)

  • John came later than Peter. Identify the underlined part of speech.

A. Adjective
B. Adverb
C. Verb
D. Noun

Asst DMD BOR-21

  • He is a very good swimmer. The word very is:

A. Noun
B. Adverb*
C. Adjective
D. Conjunction


  • Fill in the blank: He would enjoy this, if he _____ present.

A. Be
B. Had been
C. Were
D. Was

Naib Tehsildar-09/Zilladar-20

If the verb in the clause is ‘to be’, use WERE, even if the subject of the clause is a 3rd person singular subject (he, she, it).
If I were a rich man, I would make more charitable donations.
If he were here right now, he would help us.

When you are talking about a possibility that did happen or might be sure, use WAS and WERE as you normally would.
If I was rude to you, I apologize.

  • After the concert, everyone _____ and clapped.

A. Raised
B. Rose*
C. Had Risen
D. Rising

Naib Tehsildar-09/Land Record Officer PBR-16

  • Someone _____ at the door.

A. Knocks
B. To knock
C. Is knocking
D. Has been knocking

♦ Credit To: Anum Muzaffar ♦

  • The wages of sin _____ doorway to hell.

A. Has
B. Is
C. Had
D. Was

Lecturer (Urdu) Male PHED-21

  • Which one is correct?

A. I requested her, kindly to help me
B. I requested her help me kindly
C. I kindly requested her to help me*
D. I requested her to kindly help me

Crop Reporter-18

  • Which of the following is the correct sentence?

A. She was dressed with black
B. She was dressed in black
C. She was dressed for black
D. She was dressed of black


  • Complete the sentence: She _____ unconscious since 4 o’clock.

A. Is
B. Was
C. Has been
D. Had been

Asst Punjab Workers Welfare Board LHRD-19

  • Fill in the blanks: New legislation _____ in the Assembly but it _____ by many.

A. introduced / did not accept
B. was introduced / was not accepted*
C. is introduced / won’t accept
D. introduced / hadn’t been accepted

Tax Inspector-18 (Guj)/Asst Agriculture Dept (WMW)-20

  • Would you like to play tennis? No, I _____ for my vocabulary test tomorrow.

A. Will study
B. Am studying
C. Am going to study
D. Study

Labour Inspector-20

  • He _____ around the block by car.

A. Speeding
B. Sped*
C. Speed
D. Speeded

Asst Anti-Corruption-20

  • This was _____ film I have ever seen.

A. worse
B. the worst
C. worst
D. the worse

Asst Livestock Regular Basis-20

  • Fill in the blank: It is _____ film I have ever seen.

A. Worse
B. The Worse
C. The Worst
D. Worst

Junior Clerk LHC-17

  • Complete the sentence: He _____ a factory in this town.

A. Have
B. Has*
C. Is having
D. Was having

Zilladar-20 (Research)

  • Choose the correct sentence: 

A. He was shocked when she told him whom called her last night.
B. He was shocked when she told him who called her last night.
C. He was shocked when she told him what called her last night.
D. He was shocked when that she told him who called her last night.

Lecturer (English) PHED-20

  • Has he ever _____ to America?

A. Be
B. Being
C. Been
D. Has been

Naib Tehsildar-09

  • Choose the correct sentence from the following.

A. The black and white dog are barking.
B. The black and white dog is barking.*
C. The black and a white dog is barking.
D. The black and a white dog are barking.

Asst PDMA BOR-21

  • Choose the correct sentence.

A. These cattle is mine.
B. These cattle are mine.
C. This cattle are mine.
D. These cattles are mine.


  • Choose the correct sentence.

A. A series of lectures were delivered.
B. A series of lectures was delivered.
C. A series of lectures was deliver
D. A series of lectures were deliver.


  • Choose a better option for the underlined part: Ahmad suggested that, we should be bound by a code of conduct, isn’t it?

A. Shouldn’t we be
B. Shouldn’t we
C. Aren’t we
D. No improvement

Asst DMD BOR-21

  • If you come across my keys, bring it to me, can you?

A. Don’t you
B. Will you
C. Isn’t it
D. No improvement


  • Trains are getting _____ and _____.

A. Fastest/More comfortable
B. Not so fast/Less comfortable
C. Faster/More comfortable*
D. The fastest/The most comfortable

Junior Clerk LHC-17

  • The greater the demand, _____ the price.

A. Highest
B. The Higher
C. The High
D. High

Inspector YASATD-18 (CB)

  • Ten years ago, I _____ in Sahiwal.

A. Have worked
B. Worked*
C. Had Worked
D. Will Work

Junior Clerk LHC-17

  • Walking and hiking are excellent exercises. Identify the underlined parts of speech.

A. Verb
B. Noun
C. Adjective
D. Adverb

Lecturer (Biology) PHED-21 (2)

  • Each hand has five fingers. The underlined word is:

A. Adverb
B. Adjective
C. Noun
D. Verb

Asst Special Education Dept-20

  • What time is it? Identify the underlined parts of speech.

A. Adjective
B. Verb
C. Interrogative Adjective*
D. Noun

Lecturer (Biology) PHED-21 (2)

  • Conjunctions which express an inference are called:

A. Alternative conjunctions
B. Adversative conjunctions
C. Illative conjunctions
D. Cumulative conjunctions

Asst Special Education Dept-20

Examples are: so, for.
He works hard so he will win.

  • Well, I don’t think I’ll be home before 6. The underlined word is:

A. Preposition
B. Interjection
C. Pronoun
D. Noun

Asst Special Education Dept-20

  • What type of punctuation does this sentence need? This is absolutely incredible _____

A. .
B. :
C. !
D. ;

Asst Special Education Dept-20

  • She is his mother-in-law. Which punctuation is used in the underlined part?

A. Comma
B. Hyphen
C. Colon
D. Apostrophe

Asst Special Education Dept-20

  • Fill in the blank: By this time next year, I _____ all my exams.

A. Will take
B. Will have taken
C. Take
D. Have taken

Junior Clerk LHC-18

  • My father was so poor _____.

A. To get medical help for my mother
B. That he cannot buy food for us
C. That he could not buy food for us*
D. To send me to school

Asst S&GAD-20

  • Fill in the blank: Abdul _____ to be a doctor.

A. Wanting
B. Wants
C. Is wanting
D. Will want

Tax Inspector-18 (Guj)


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