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Discoveries Inventions Important Past Papers Solved Mcqs

Discoveries and Inventions MCQs

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Last Updated: 18 Jun 2022


  • Who introduced the conflict perspective in sociology?

A. Friedrich Engels
B. Ludwig Gumplowicz
C. Karl Marx
D. Herbert Spencer

AD Pop Welfare-19

  • Who is the Father of Liberalism:

A. Rosseau
B. John Locke
C. Baruch Spinoza
D. Karl Marx

ESE (G)-19 (M)

  • Which philosopher formally put together the basic ideas of constitutional democracy for the 1st time?

A. Francis Bacon
B. John Locke*
C. Voltaire
D. Adam Smith

AD Land Records PBR-13

  • Who is considered as the Father of Psychoanalysis or Father of Modern Psychology?

A. T. B. Watson
B. Albert Hills
C. Sigmund Freud (Austrian)
D. Adler

AD Land Records PBR-13/Junior Clerk PPD-17+18/AD Local Govt-18/Asst Punjab Planning Dept-19/Lecturer (Phys Ed.) PHED-20

  • Who invented the Steam Engine?

A. Albert Einstein
B. James Watt
C. George Stephenson
D. Samuel Colt

♦ Credit To: Yawar Riaz ♦

  • Radioactivity was discovered by _____.

A. Rutherford
B. Henri Becquerel
C. J. J. Thomson
D. Marie Curie

♦ Credit To: Yawar Riaz ♦

  • Which of the following is known as the Father of Railways?

A. James Watt
B. George Stephenson
C. Thomas Newcomen
D. Edmund Cartwright

Asst Punjab Workers Welfare Board LHRD-19

  • Who invented revolver?

A. John M. Browning
B. Samuel Colt
C. John Eriesson
D. James Watt

AD Land Records PBR-13

  • Who is called the Pioneer of Chemistry?

A. Al-Razi
B. Jabir bin Hayyan
C. Ibn-e-Sina
D. Nassirud-din-Tusi

Asst S&GAD-14/PMS (P) GK-20

  • What was the field of research of Jabir bin Hayyan?

A. Mathematics
B. Chemistry
C. Physics
D. Medicine

PMS (P) Islamiyat-20

  • US inventor Martin Cooper invented the first handheld cellular mobile phone in:

A. 1971
B. 1972
C. 1973
D. 1974

♦ Credit To: Abdul Khaliq ♦

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