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Constitutional Amendments In Constitution of Pakistan Important Past Papers Solved Mcqs

Constitutional Amendments MCQs

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Last Updated: 06 Mar 2022


  • When 1956 constitution was presented in the assembly?

A. 29 Feb 1957
B. 29 Feb 1956
C. 29 Feb 1958
D. 29 Feb 1959

Asst Punjab Employees Social Security LHRD-19 (2)/Asst & Head Clerk Local Govt-20 (CB)

  • First constitution of Pakistan 1956 was promulgated on:

A. 09 Jun 1956
B. 23 Mar 1956
C. 14 Aug 1956
D. 29 Feb 1959

Manager Auqaf-17

  • The Constitution of 1956 was:

A. Bicameral
B. Unicameral
C. Presidential
D. Both A & B

Naib Tehsildar Paper II-20 (Lhr)

  • How many schedules were present in the Constitution of 1956?

A. 05
B. 06
C. 09
D. 07

Asst Livestock Regular Basis-20

  • According to which constitution Pakistan became an Islamic Republic?

A. 1956
B. 1962
C. 1973
D. None of above

Tax Inspector-08/Caretaker PPSC-19/AD Labour Welfare-19

  • Which of the following official names was given to Pakistan in the 1956 Constitution?

A. Commonwealth of Pakistan
B. Islamic Republic of Pakistan
C. Islamic Dominion of Pakistan
D. Islamic Kingdom of Pakistan

Asst AH-18/Asst Punjab Employees Social Security LHRD-19

  • According to the Constitution of 1956, the national language of Pakistan was:

A. Urdu
B. Bengal
C. Urdu & Bengali
D. Urdu & English

AD Pop Welfare-14

  • Which one is correct according to the constitution of 1956 regarding the President of Pakistan:

A. Must be atleast 55 years old
B. Could be a non-Muslim
C. Must be a Muslim
D. Could be a non-citizen of Pakistan

Asst Anti-Corruption-20

-> Should be a Muslim
-> Atleast 40 years old
-> Should be citizen of Pakistan

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