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Computer Sciences Important Past Papers Solved Mcqs

Computer Science MCQs Section 1

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Last Updated: 01 Jan 2022


  • The use of computer is attractive because of its:

A. Accuracy
B. Reliability
C. Speed
D. All of above


  • Which one of the following is the most powerful computer?

A. Personal Computer
B. Supercomputer
C. Mobile Computer
D. Power Computer

SI PCD-18/DEO Punjab Police-20

  • Vacuum Tubes pertains to _____ generation of computers.

A. First
B. Second
C. Third
D. Fourth


First generation used vacuum tubes.
Second generation used transistors.
Third generation used integrated circuits.
Fourth generation used microprocessors.

  • Which generation computers used transistors?

A. First generation
B. Second generation
C. Third generation
D. Fourth generation

DEO Punjab Police-20

  • ICs (Integrated Circuits) were used in:

A. Fourth generation
B. Third generation
C. First generation
D. Second generation

Asst Punjab Workers Welfare Board LHRD-19 (Contract Basis)

  • There are two different ways to insert content from one application into another i.e., embedding and _____.

A. Importing
B. Integrating
C. Linking*
D. Bookmarking

PMS (P) GK-20

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