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Computer Sciences Important Past Papers Solved Mcqs 6

Computer Science MCQs Section 6

The answers of questions marked with * are subject to change with time


  • All the files deleted from the computer are initially move to:

A. My Computer
B. Recycle Bin
C. My Network Places
D. Internet Explorer

Tax Inspector-18 (Guj)

  • In email account, _____ contains a list of names and email addresses.

A. Inbox
B. Outbox
C. Address book*
D. Trash

Junior Clerk LHC-18

  • An email account includes a storage area often called:

A. Hyperlink
B. Mailbox
C. IP Address
D. Attachment

Tehsildar Paper II-20 (E)

  • Incoming messages are stored in a folder known as:

A. Outbox
B. Inbox
C. Postbox
D. Mailbox

AD Local Govt-20

  • All replied E-mails are stored in _____ folder.

A. Drafts
B. Inbox
C. Sent
D. Trash

DEO Punjab Police-20

  • _____ is a unique name chosen by a user while creating an E-mail.

A. Login
B. Password
C. Subject
D. Username

Tax Inspector-18 (Guj)

  • An e-mail address consists of two parts, username (or ID) and ______.

A. Password
B. Domain name
D. None of above

Asst AH-18/PSO POPC S&GAD-20 (CB)

  • Which is the correct style of E-mail address.

A. @Abcname.com
B. Abc@name.com
C. #Abc@name.com
D. All of above

Asst POPC S&GAD-20 (CB)

  • Which of the following is a correct format of E-mail address?

A. you$website.pk
B. you&website.com
C. you@website.info
D. you@website@info

Tehsildar Paper II-20 (E)

  • Answering a received E-mail is called ______ an E-mail.

A. Read
B. Reply
C. Write
D. Compose

Tax Inspector-18 (Fsd)

  • Which of the following is correct option for sending same letter to multiple persons?

A. Macros
B. Mail merge
C. Template
D. Alignment

DEO Punjab Police-20

  • Which option is used to prepare and send same letter to multiple persons.*

A. All Merge
B. Small Merge
C. Mail Merge*
D. Large Merge

Tehsildar Paper II-20 (E)

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