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Computer Sciences Important Past Papers Solved Mcqs 4

Computer Science MCQs Section 4

The answers of questions marked with * are subject to change with time


  • Which file is responsible to start MS Word?

A. Win.exe
B. Winword.exe
C. Word.exe
D. Wordwin.exe

SI PPD-16/Junior Clerk Punjab Police-18

  • What is the default name of a newly created word document?

A. Text1
B. Document1
C. File1
D. Word1

Tehsildar Paper II-20 (E)

  • The default language of Microsoft Word is:

A. UK English
B. USA English
C. Canadian English
D. Australian English

Junior Clerk LHC-18

  • The Word Count command on the Tools menu displays the number of words as well as the _____ in the current document.

A. Lines
B. Paragraphs
C. Characters
D. All of above

Naib Tehsildar Paper II-20 (Lhr)

  • How do you close a word document without closing Word window?

A. Click on the Close button on the Title bar
B. Click on the Minimize button on the Title bar
C. Click on the Close command on Office menu
D. Click Exit on the File menu

Labour Inspector-20

  • A feature in MS Word that automatically saves your document every 10 minutes is called:

A. AutoCorrect
B. AutoRecover
C. Backup
D. Save

Naib Tehsildar Paper II-20 (Lhr)

  • MS-Word automatically save a document after every:

A. 20 mins
B. 10 mins
C. 30 mins
D. 40 mins

Junior Clerk ATC-20

  • A feature of MS Word that saves the document automatically after certain interval is available on:

A. Save As dialog box
B. Save tab on Options dialog box
C. Both of above
D. None of above

♦ Credit To: M. Tayyab ♦

  • Default font used in MS Word 2007 is:

A. Times New Roman
B. Calibri
C. CG Omega
D. Arial

Asst PPSC-19+19

  • What is the smallest font size available in drop down menu of MS Word 2016?

A. 06
B. 08
C. 09
D. 10

♦ Credit To: M. Tayyab ♦

  • What is the largest font size available in drop down menu of MS Word 2016?

A. 76
B. 72
C. 78
D. 82

Punjab Treasury Deputy Acct-19 (M)

  • In MS Word, which of the following is NOT a font style?

A. Bold
B. Superscript
C. Italic
D. Regular


  • In MS Word 2016, _____ is not available in Font Spacing.

A. Normal
B. Loosely
C. Condensed
D. Expanded

Manager Auqaf-20

  • Which of the following line spacing is invalid in MS-Word?

A. Single
B. Double
C. Triple
D. Multiple

Asst & Head Clerk Local Govt-20 (CB)

  • By default, on which page the header or the footer is printed?

A. On the first page
B. On the alternate page
C. On every page
D. On last page

Junior Clerk LHC-17

  • Page number in a document in MS Word can be inserted at:

A. Header
B. Footer
C. Both of above
D. None of above

Asst Punjab Planning Dept-19

  • Endnote is inserted at the _____ of a document.

A. Start
B. Middle
C. End
D. Front

Tehsildar Paper II-20 (E)

  • Which of the following can be used to insert the section break option in MS-Word?

A. Next
B. Odd
C. Even
D. All of above

Tehsildar Paper II-20 (E)

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