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Building Structures Important Past Papers Solved Mcqs

Building Structures MCQs

The answers of questions marked with * are subject to change with time

Last Updated: 11 May 2022


  • ‘Al-Taqseem Square’ is situated in:

A. Baghdad, Iraq
B. Cairo, Egypt
C. Istanbul, Turkey
D. Kabul, Afghanistan

Labour Officer-16

  • ‘Tahrir Square’ (also known as ‘Martyr Square’) is situated in:

A. Rabat
B. Tehran
C. Cairo, Egypt
D. Istanbul

PMS (P) GK-12

  • Where is ‘Red Square’ situated?

A. Kashmir
B. Beijing
C. Moscow, Russia
D. New York


  • Tiananmen Square is located in:

A. Singapore
B. Australia
C. Beijing, China
D. Japan

ESE (G)-19 (M)

  • The Upper House of Indian Parliament is called:

A. Lok Sabha
B. Rajya Sabha
C. Senate
D. House of Lords

AD (I) FIA-19

  • ‘State Duma’ is the lower house of parliament of the country:

A. India
B. Myanmar
C. Russia
D. Bhutan

Zilladar-04/Asst S&GAD-14/Asst ANF-20

  • House of Lords (also known as House of Peers) is the Upper House of the Parliament of:

A. United States of America (USA)
B. United Kingdom (UK)
C. Sweden
D. France

Junior Clerk PRD-17/Asst AH-18/Asst PPSC-18/Caretaker PPSC-19/Inspector PCD-19

  • Which country’s parliament is often referred to as the Mother of Parliaments?

A. United States of America (USA)
B. United Kingdom (UK)
C. Russia
D. France

♦ Credit To: Hafiz Salman ♦

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